Butter wouldn’t melt !

28 Apr

Up until the time my fourth son went to school my life, my children seemed pretty normal, there were a few hic-ups but generally life was good and I always thought it would be as if-Butter wouldn’t melt!

We have had a lot of changes in our lives in the last couple of years, new partner for me, new dad for my boys, house and area move, new schools, new family, separation from close family, lose of a family pet, eldest son moving to his own place with girlfriend, (and a few more too)! I’ts been exciting /crazy/scary/exhausting and its also brought to light problems that I knew were there but was just doing my best to ignore or carry on with because its easier to do that. You do that sometimes because its scary to create waves or upset people. Somethings are unattainable because of financial restraints or what you think you should do etc. I’m going to blog about some of those things in later blogs but at the moment I’m going to concentrate on my two youngest children in particular.

Little kings!

If you read my about page you will know I have 5 sons. My 3 eldest boys went to school when expected and although they weren’t top of the class they seemed to settle into the routine, they seemed to except that this is what you did and even seemed to enjoy a lot of aspects about schooling that came along with education like socializing /friends/teamwork. They fitted in, made friends, learnt how to understand other people or events and what was expected of them or acceptable. I’m not saying they where angels or geniuses or anything they just fitted the general school child mould. 

My two youngest where different (are different)! and it wasnt really till they went to school that this became apparent. When Joe started school he seemed to love it, no tears or screaming when I left him which was a relief in some ways. He seemed to settle into the routine and loved all the activities that where on offer. He was always quite shy and sensitive and prefered gentler activities. His coordination was not that good and he found certain games to difficult. He’s always loved drawing and making things and seemed to get on with girls better than boys. When David started school he also wasn’t worried about the separation part and seemed to like school, he is more rough and tumble than Joe and just throws himself in at the deep end. He learnt quite quickly but could never sit still or concentrate on something for to long, his hands always needed to be doing things (anything)!


Their school was great and the teachers where brilliant. Joe was encouraged but not pushed, David was gently encouraged to sit still for short periods but allowed to express himself in his own way too. It was a happy environment where they wanted to go but it was just the start of a long journey! We had to move and although I managed to keep them there for a time I eventually had to move them to a school nearer to us and although it was said to be a good school and came across so on our visit it very quickly became one of the worst choices I have made for them 😦 And the Butter wouldn’t melt family was now starting to slip away!

“Butter wouldn’t melt”
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