Well here I go!

28 Apr

Well here I go but what about ? As I said in my about page I’m not sure what my blogs are going to be about or what I might focus on as a subject but I wanted to get rid of the “Hello World” that’s always there when you start a blog. So I thought I’d explain where the title of my blog came from. Ganderingdreams … well firstly the gander bit comes from my mother it’s her maiden name and when I was little my nan used to say I was gandering about when I was being silly or messing around. So it holds some very fond memories of many a happy time spent with her “gandering around”. Secondly the dreams part is just what it means .. your dreams or daydreams for your future now or in the past . Dreams of living/loving/hoping for all the things you’ve ever imagined. Well here I go WordPress!

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