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Sorry everyone still reliving my childhood and I’ve got round to the TV adverts which were very entertaining at the time. I think my all time favourite has got to be R-WHITES LEMONADE and I’M A SECRET LEMONADE DRINKER which I still sing And the great CADBURY’S SMASH ad’s with the funny laughing Smash_Martians family.

What's for Dinner! - Smash

The Secret Lemonade Drinker  116

Then there’s the CADBURY’S FRUIT AND NUTCASE ad’s with the catchy song and the cute KIA ORA ad. The Nimble bread’s ad IN MY BEAUTIFUL BALLOON was a good one and the OXO FAMILY ads were just lovely. We also had IS SHE,ISN’T SHE Harmony Hairsprays (UCK!) and the silly SHAKE N VAC and put the freshness back! Or how about the PG TIPS MONKEY ones, the piano one being my fav. There’s also the infamous FLAKE ad’s and the THE LADY LOVES MILKTRAY (James Bond eat your heart out…lol) Classic advert’s for Cinzano Bianco  with Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins were brilliant and funny. Back then you were allowed to advertise smoking with ones like HAMLET /CONDOR/ Marlboro and Silkcut to name but a few. UNIGATE milk did “WATCH OUT THERE’S A HUMPHREY ABOUT” ????  and YELLOW PAGES J.R.HARTLEY search for his own book about FLY FISHING (the book actually exists because I have one!) last but not least how about the COCA COLA advert I’D LIKE TO TEACH THE WORLD TO SING 🙂

I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfec...

I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing




I’ll stop now but if you have any that I’ve forgotten or were your Favourites let me know so I can check them out too ….

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