Just a few clicks!

01 May

I’ve mentioned lots of changes to our circumstances, a lot of which have happened in the last couple of years but this one started with Just a few clicks!

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For 11yrs I had been a single parent to my 5 boys which had been hard at times but about 26 months ago I got in contact with an old school friend Chris, he was my best male friend through secondary school. This was on my friends Facebook page because I didn’t even have internet connection. She had got a laptop at christmas and for weeks had gone on about Facebook, about how good it was and how you could get all your friends present and past on it etc. I hadn’t been very interested because she was 17yrs younger than me and I just thought it was for that sort of age group or younger. Anyway she brought it round and showed me one morning and I asked how you find people on it or how you know if they are even on it at all ! Well we put in a couple of people I knew and found one or two. Then we put the names of some of my old friends including Chris’s and I was surprised to find a couple of them. We sent a few short messages just saying hello and explained that I was on my friends Facebook just to see what happened. I was a bit miffed that you didn’t get an instant reply but she explained that it depends on how often they used it. Well Chris got back to us within about half an hour and it was great to find someone I knew from the old, just to see how they where etc. I wasn’t expecting to end up in love with him and 10 months later moving from the south coast of Sussex to the middle of the Chiltern Hills in Buckinghamshire  from Just a few clicks on a friday morning on someone else’s laptop ♥

English: Ace of hearts.

Ace of hearts

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