03 May

Well 16 months ago on the 28/12/2011 we all moved, the boys and I moved from the (sunny !) south coast, and Chris moved out of his cherished narrow boat on the Grand Union Canal to Buckinghamshire (not so sunny either !). There was lots to do and sort out as you can imagine but it all went quite well. I’ve lived in this area before in fact I moved from here to Sussex 11yrs ago so I knew exactly what to expect. This area is where I grow up and where I went to secondary school and first met Chris. The process of getting the boys back into school here took a while to sort out but eventually David got a place at a local Primary school. Then Joe and Jamey got their places although at two different secondary schools. We rushed around getting uniforms etc and all of them were looking forward to a fresh start, although a little bit nervous too. I had to take Joe the first few days as he needed to catch two different buses to get to his and he hadn’t been on a bus on his own before so that was a bit scary for him and me! Jamey’s was within walking distance so once we’d shown him the route he was fine. Either Chris or me would take David to and fro to his which was also within walking distance. The first week went fine but then things started to deteriorate again, David and joe were excited the first couple of days then BOOM ! David said no one liked him or would play with him, I said it would take a while to fit in because a lot of the chidren there had known each other for a while and to just be patient and kind.  Joe slowly became moody and angry but said school was ok (but it wasn’t) as we where to find out very soon. Jamey took a few weeks to settle but soon made some friends and for him things where ok which is what I expected to happen, problems only started for him about 6 months later.  In my next blog I will blog about David’s story….

Hello Everyone 🙂

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