Happy Go Lucky :-)

07 May

Jamey is my 3rd eldest son “Mr Happy Go Lucky” who has just turned 15, and is the piggy in the middle 🙂

Happy go Lucky Jamey

He has always been a well rounded boy, very friendly and sociable. He was a happy baby and toddler with all the normal ups and downs. When he went to nursery the first day I took him in and we sat down at a little table with some crayons and paper, he was quiet but ok so I left him saying I’d be back soon. I was very worried leaving him as a mother always is and told the staff that I’d hang around outside for 20 mins just in case! Jamey had only really been away from me when I had his younger brother Joseph and had to stay in hospital for a few days (see “Brave!”). I must mention that we had visited the nursery before then and I’d talked with him about going there so it wasn’t a complete surprise/shock. Well I waited far longer than 20 mins then wandered around a few nearby shops watching the time anxiously, he was only going 9.30 til 12 o’clock but it seemed a long time. I went to get him and waited to be let in with some other mums. When I went in he was still sitting at the same table and the nursery staff told me that he hadn’t moved even when gently coaxed but he also hadn’t got upset or cried. He’d just sat there watching not saying a word. When he saw me he ran to me, jumped into my arms and hung on but he didn’t get upset. Well I felt really horrible but I’d have to take him in the next morning so we talked about and he seemed happy enough. The next day he did the same but slowly he started to talk and started investigating the place, within a few days he was loving it and running around playing with the other children 🙂

When he went to primary school he was absolutely fine, a little bit worried and clingy at the beginning but he soon settled in. He never seemed to have much trouble, had lots of friends and joined in happily. His work and ability was at a good level for his year groups and I never had to worry too much about him. He was also a generally happy/smiley child at home. When we had to move to a new school he was 8 and a half and although his younger brothers had trouble there he settled in and made friends very easily only ever finding it difficult when he tried to help his siblings.

When we moved again on the 28th Dec 2010 he had to go to a new secondary school in a new area but he had one person he knew there who’s mum was a friend of mine and who had spent some holidays in Sussex with us. He wasn’t happy with the move but he knew it was so we could be a proper family with his new stepdad whom he likes very much. He settled in quite quickly and made a few friends as everything seemed to be ok. But after a few more months it was becoming apparent that he was being targeted by a group of teenagers who decided that they didn’t like him for no obvious reason! He got attacked a few times and although the school intervened there is only so much they can do. He started not wanting to go as they also said they would “GET HIM” after school. He wasn’t putting any effort in mainly because he was worried and he started having mysterious aches and pains to try to get out of going. It became a daily battle to try to convince him that it would be ok but he was becoming more and more unhappy. We had already removed Joe and David from school so after talking to him about what we expected of him and that he would still have to do his work to be able to do the things he wanted later on, we took him out to home educate him. It’s early days yet but it seems to be going well and the “Mr Happy Go Lucky” relaxed Jamey has reappeared 🙂

Jamey 🙂

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3 responses to “Happy Go Lucky :-)

  1. Slummy to Yummy Mummy

    07/05/2012 at 10:09 pm

    It’s so hard when it feels like there’s nothing you can do to help your children when they so clearly need help. Well done for making such a big, positive step for your family.

    • ganderingdreams

      21/05/2012 at 1:16 am

      Thanks, it is scary but it wasn’t working for them and now things are looking up 🙂


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