Rebels with toys…or ELSE!

15 May

English: Symptoms of ADHD described by the lit...

Symptoms of ADHD

When my three eldest boys were younger they loved all the usual boys toys,cars/trains/Action Man/Sega Mega Drive games/Pokemon figures and other action figures etc. They had favourites at different times changing with age or what was the in thing at the time. My two youngest however seem to have firm favourites hardly changing and completely absorbing interests. They are Pokemon/Dr Who and certain computer games, they get really frustrated and very annoyed if these are unavailable. Rebels with toys…or ELSE there’ll be a MELTDOWN ! We have only recently started homeschooling them and it’s gone well lets just say MAD!

When we first removed them they were so relieved with not having to deal with all the stress and upset that it bought them that the first six weeks were good, since then we’ve had increasing problems with major breakdowns in behavior and communications. I have done a lot of research into ADHD/ASD/PDD,NOS and of course Home Education. I did do a lot before removing them from school but I suppose I didn’t realise how much was actually appropriate to us or our boys. I’m glad I researched what I did because now I know where to go to get advice and reassurance about what to expect and what we can do to help them.  We are now beginning to very slowly change things around and making a timetable to help them as they can’t regulate themselves and I realise now that I need to spend a lot more time one to one with them to help them play/learn and organise themselves and to show them that theres alot more to enjoy in life 🙂


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