Too Relaxed :{

17 May

When we started home educating the boys we where so relieved at leaving all that madness behind that I think we became Too relaxed, way to much where the boys were concerned ! At first things sort of carried on as normal, getting up times/ mealtimes/going to bed times/tv and computer allowance etc but as time went on and as I wanted them to forget about the frustrations of school and how they were expected to follow the school timetable whether they understood something or not ? I just let things go. But slowly things started to change, they went to bed a little later or they laid in later or spent a bit longer on the computer but this went from just a little bit of difference to no schedule at all. Everyone doing what they wanted, when they wanted near enough. Now this is quite refreshing sometimes like a long lazy weekend but it also ment that things were so anarchic nothing seemed to get done and the boys were finding it hard to organise any of their time rewardingly.

The Brain, Francine and Arthur animated in the...

This is mainly my fault like I said I wanted them to forget about school / forget about what they were supposed to learn and start learning because they wanted to and because they were interested in something.They used to be excited by new things and ask lots of questions and I wanted to get that back. I did give them suggestions and help/guiding them to different things to get them started and get them thinking but because the days were so all over the place and sometimes they were over tired or over stimulated by electrical plug-ins it got near impossible to get anywhere. I’ve started limiting certain things and returning to better bed times etc but it has still been difficult anyway I’ve decided with their agreement to make us all daily timetables, not like school ones and there is some flexibility. At first I made a rough one to show what was happening now and then we reorganised the whole day putting in the main things first like mealtimes and bedtimes then adding computer allowances. We decided to leave the television of the timetables because most of it is rubbish or unhelpful shall we say, that it’s only going on for New Films/educational programs etc and it gets rid of all that background distractions and noise. It really showed how much time there was and how much was being wasted 😦  We added quiet time and reading times around the bedtime routines and there is still plenty of time. We are now making lists of what each person wants to happen during the week eg playing board and card games, cooking, going to the park or other places of interest and anything else they can think of so we can add them to the week so everyone is more content. That also helps in seeing beforehand what learning or educational things can be absorbed by them in advance.

Learning by Doing

Well its early days and we are still learning about ADHD/ASD/PDD NOS etc so I’m sure there will be some hiccups but I’ll let you know in a couple of weeks how its going !!!

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