Good Old Days…lol, Part Two

19 May

Next thing that sticks in my memories well is the holidays, not that we had many. Like the Chopper Bike, that was the only really big expensive thing I received. Mainly Christmas presents were small like colouring and reading books, dolls outfits or a board game and some hand/home-made clothes. Our holidays usually meant a week at Nan’s which was great because who doesn’t love going to see their Nan’s and getting spoilt a bit and both my Nan’s lived near the sea on the south coast so we’d get a trip to the beach as well (weather permitting or not !). Well when I was around 8 the year I got my Bike for Christmas we went to Clacton-on-sea and stayed in a caravan, if we’d stayed in one before I don’t remember but it was in a huge holiday park right on the coast. We had loads of sunshine and spent most of our time on the beach, ice creams (my favourites being either a screwball or a plain cornet) sandcastles and trampolining, swimming and crab hunting a fantastic time was had by all… well that’s the way I remember it anyway !

The Trampolines and Me 🙂

One thing happened during that holiday that has bugged me since and that was the Mysterious Vanishing Crab! I spent a lot of my time scouring the beach and the rockpools for creatures of all kinds and crabs were my favourite, I had a lovely metal/tin type bucket and spade and a fishing net because this was serious stuff.

A couple of days in after finding only small/mediocre size crabs I fond a WHOPPER, he was huge with big big claws and a beautiful colour. Now usually anything I found I put back after careful examination and showing anyone who was interested. But this was special and I wanted to show my Dad who wasn’t with us that day but he would be back later so my mum suggested we find a bigger bucket and put some sea water in it and keep him till my dad got back, then we would put him back in the sea. I had to run back to the caravan and get a large bucket to place him in, back at the caravan I kept a close eye on him, we had to place a large flat block on top to weigh it down and stop the crab from getting out. Well I waited and watched and a few people who went past said what a lovely big crab he was and I told them what I was doing, anyway it started getting dark and a bit chilly and I had to go inside for some supper. I checked a couple of times and all was fine. When my Dad got there I ran out to show him and the bucket and slab where still where I’d left them right by the caravan door. But to my shock and horror the bucket was empty!!! I searched frantically all around under everything I was so upset and worried he might not make it back to the sea although we were very near to it. Mum and Dad consoled me and said he probably got out and pegged it to the beach. The next morning I searched again but there was no trace and I never found another one that big again  😦 Now that block covered 98% of the bucket and weighed quite a bit too so it always confused me on how the h-ll he did it, well now I’m older and I look back at the events of that evening I know he could not have got out himself and nobody in my family touched it . So some one did and some greedy old s-d probably had him for supper :_(

This crab is similar to my Mysterious Vanishing Crab!


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4 responses to “Good Old Days…lol, Part Two

  1. fiztrainer

    19/05/2012 at 11:36 pm

    I really enjoyed reading your Good Ole Days posts (part 1 and 2). They just warmed my heart and brought back a lot of memories as well for me. 😀

    • ganderingdreams

      21/05/2012 at 1:06 am

      Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed reading them as much as I did writing them 🙂

  2. LifeWorthLiving

    22/05/2012 at 4:10 pm

    The picture of you on the trampoline is cute. You looked like you were having a lot of fun. Sorry about your never finding your crab but it’s the journey that counts right? 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    • ganderingdreams

      22/05/2012 at 7:45 pm

      It was just one of those things but it stuck with me and I hope it gave them stomach ache …lol Thanks for reading too 🙂


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