Too Relaxed :{ Part two

14 Jun

Too hot, too relaxed or too stuffed

Too Relaxed :{………

Back in May I did a post called Too Relaxed :{ which was about how things had deteriorated around our home since starting home educating because I wanted the boys to have time to adjust and start enjoying the learning process instead of being totally frustrated and unhappy. Things had come to unstructured and the resulting mess was getting silly. It’s still a bit rocky at times and because of the ASD/ADHD/PDD NOS the behaviour can still leave you feeling like its 1 step forward and 2-3 steps back but we have had some results. At first we did a timetable type of thing adding in necessary stuff first then adding times for television/computer/DS‘s etc this allowed us to see how much time was available for other stuff and fun learning type activities. But all they could think about was when is my next go on them, wasting their time and totally frustrating us too. Our first reaction to this was to ban them from use for a while and turn them off or put them away, the resulting melt downs over two days made us decide that they just had to go… the plug-ins not the boys…lol.

English: TV icon

 We sat them down and told them that we were removing them from the house and that they would not be coming back for the forseeable future.. they moaned of course but we stuck to our guns and boxed up everything that we could and gave them to someone to look after. The television had to stay because it was to big but luckily the cable to plug it into the mains is removable so it just can’t be switched on. For the first two days we were asked lots of times to have the television on but we said no and reminded them that we didn’t have the cables. We had a few moans but now they don’t even ask. It is so much quieter not having that constant noise in the background or the moans if I tried to turn it off and the arguments over what was on. They still ask for the DS’s, some days more than others but I think were getting there.

English: A candidate icon for Portal:Computer ...
PC restrictionsGREAT!

We have also bought back the computer for them but after a couple of meltdowns over time and the games that they wanted to go on, I have put on full games restrictions and child friendly websites only and time restrictions. The time restriction is great because it warns them that they have a certain amount of time left and then just logs them out instead of me having to go on and on for them to finish what they are doing to which we get a complete meltdown nearly every time. So that’s whats happening with the electrical plugins at the moment and things in these areas are improving. I’m just now trying to get my boys into enjoying other stuff and even sometimes just being!! you know imagining and daydreaming in their own heads which I think is very important too learning …thinking time as well as trying not to be Too Relaxed …lol

Imagination - HNBD
Imagination/daydreaming and thinking outside the box 🙂

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3 responses to “Too Relaxed :{ Part two

  1. lsmoore

    20/06/2012 at 1:52 pm

    Good for you on ridding your house of screens. The electricity went out here the other day and I was astounded at the quiet. You get so used to the noise that you don’t even realize its there.

    • ganderingdreams

      20/06/2012 at 4:01 pm

      It is great and we seem to be getting more done 🙂

  2. joe

    25/08/2012 at 8:50 pm

    yer it was great we are doing more stuff as a familly =-) thx mum love from joe


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