Our Geocaching Adventure’s – Day 7 Plus some Night caching !

07 Mar


We went to Common Woods in Hazlemere/Penn for our second visit and had a lovely afternoon finding the ones we didn’t have time for the first time round plus searching for one that we didn’t locate last time. We found CW-In plain view GC3CQKK (our 1st micro)/ CW-Fallen GC3CQK7/ CW-Swinging GC3BYVT/ CW-Pit stop GC3CQJR (dropped off TB here) CW-The Larches GC3CQJE/CW-A common sign GC3QP9/ Cw-In the split GC3CQPO/ CW-Little Penn GC3CQNF and CW-Post a field note GC3CQN3 (lucky find 2nd time round on floor near cache location so we put it back in the right place). This included our first mirco’s which where small camoflaged metal tubes hanging from things??? Chris found the first one of these and was very chuffed with himself 🙂

1 3 9 11 15 17

NIGHT CACHING :)… for the last two nights Chris and I have been late night caching in the dark with torches but no boys in tow. It’s been fun and spooky at the same time. We found Verge-ing on the Rye-diculous, Tree box, Corbels surprise, You cannot be serious, Road rage safety, Ragmans driveby, Schools out, End of the line and Off your trolley. At one site  we found about 20 feet behind where it is to be found there where two sleeping bags and some carrier bags containing who knows what ??? We looked around and listerned for a while but there was no one around. They looked like they had not been there long but also like they hadn’t been used for a few days eg: leaves and bits on them etc. But that made it a bit more scarey 😦 The cache is still there and well hidden at the moment 🙂 And it was well worth the visit because it’s the biggest Geocache we have found ….so far !

2 4 8 28 32 photo 1

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