Heartache !

   Well I don’t really now where to start with this one because it still raw with me and quite a difficult write. Back in august/september 2012 my partner Chris was complaining of chest pain, not to often at first and he used to shrug it off or just not let on sometimes when he didn’t want to worry us. But it started to get worse and unhidable so he made an appointment with his doctor (with a bit of pushing from me!). The appointment wasn’t for a good ten days and that weekend he had a show to attend for his business with his mum so of they went as usual. While there his mum said he looked really unwell, grey and washed out and on his return he was extremely tired too (which had become a regular thing with him needing to take a nap more often than normal because he was really drained) Anyway we worked on the monday bottling vodka and he wasn’t to bad but the pain kicked in a few times and it was getting to worrying to ignore anymore so tuesday morning when on the way to the bank (not a long walk) when he had to keep stopping because of the pain etc I said “Right enough, were taking you in to A&E right now”

When we went in and said he had chest pain he was seen to quite quickly, all sorts of tests were done and it was decided that he should stay in and have more tests including an angiogram the next morning. I got a text from him saying he was just going down for it at about 10.30am. I know he was anxious about it, we both were. About an hour later he calls me and I can hardly make out what he’s saying which isn’t much then the doctor with him comes on the line and say’s he was going for emergency operation. Well in a complete state of panic and numbness really I rushed to the hospital ringing his mum as I went out the door. When I got there he was back in the ward of the cardiac unit visibly shaken and grey. He told me that he had died/flatlined as soon as the catheter got to the arteries of his heart  and they had to resuscitate him. Luckily they managed to bring him back really quickly but the shock to both him and me was hard to swallow and obviously it made it all to real that this was serious.

They said that his arteries where very messed up and he needed a Quadruple Heart Bypass 😦 as soon as they could arrange it at Harefield hospital.

 To Be Cont’d…….


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